What is a VET course or School based Traineeship?


This is a way of completing a Certificate course in an area of interest which will credit towards VCE or VCAL. There are costs to parents for students to study these subjects which MUST be paid in advance.

VET and School based training occurs on Wednesday afternoons at a training destination usually in the City of Geelong but it can be at another school. A VET bus system is in place to help students access their training venue at a cost to parents.


VCAL:   A VCE or School based traineeship MUST be completed to be awarded a VCAL certificate.



If a student in VCE wants to study a VET certificate and it fits into their chosen pathway, it can replace one VCE subject.


School based Traineeships in VCE:

If students in VCE want to study a SBAT certificate, there will be discussion with the Pathways Leader about:

  • how it fits into the student’s chosen pathway
  • if the student has selected the best mix of subjects based on subects offered and pathway requirements


  • if students are well organised, as the SBA day of work will be Tuesdays and students will miss a single class of every subject on Tuesdays which they will need to catch up on. The school will provide support for this through the Pathways Manager, but it is the student’s responsibility to keep up to date.


It is a requirement that any student studying a School based Traineeship must also work the equivalent of one day within the school week. A VCAL student will work all day Friday, any student in VCE units 1 and 2 will work Tuesdays and any VCE unit 3 and 4 student will work two half days.