SBAs are an alternative way of achieving a certificate qualification.
· Students apply for a position with a Group Training Company to complete the SBA or are signed into a SBA by an employer through an Apprenticeship Centre

· If accepted they usually attend training on Wednesday afternoons but they must also work the equivalent of one day each week

· To accommodate this students in VCE wishing to study a SBA will study four VCE subjects at school plus their SBA

· Students studying VCAL study the SBA within their program and work on Fridays

· Students receive the basic training wage for SBAs

· SBAs count as VET subjects towards the VCE certificate

· SBAs are always used in the calculation of the ATAR as a fifth subject if they credit a unit 3 and 4 sequence into a student’s program

· Some VET and SBAs may credit two unit 3 and 4 sequences into the ATAR calculation and are then counted as the fifth and sixth subjects

Students, parents and guardians are advised to attend the SBA Information Evening to be held on  Tuesday 4th August, Geelong High School, CJ Love Hall at 5.30pm.. At this evening prospective employers will discuss the SBA programs available for the following year.