Year 9 - Year 9 Science

During Semester 1, students study the ecology of the Barwon River by looking closely at the history of the area, river uses, flora and fauna, and environmental impacts.  They then study the energy around us, before undertaking a project to educate, promote or create a sustainable water idea. Students showcase this work at a public Sustainable Water Expo held at the college.


During Semester 2, students investigate various forensic science techniques used to solve crimes.  The students will then be required to think carefully and apply these techniques to solve a crime committed in the classroom.  In term 4 the students will investigate sustainable housing by looking at the impact humans have on the environment and how we can minimize our energy use.


Main assessment tasks:


Ecology test

Pollution Practical Report

Sustainable Water Project – Self Reflection


Sem 2

Forensic Science Crime Report

Sustainable House Prototype


No text books are required, however a digital device, 2 workbooks and a fully equipped pencil case are essential. A calculator is also necessary.

Possible pathway could lead into -

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