ALP, Year 9 - Year 9 Science ALP


In Year 9 the students continue the development of their understanding of science.

In their studies on Genetics they investigate the structure of the DNA molecule and the basis of genetic inheritance. The students investigate a genetic disorder of their own choosing and complete a report detailing this disorder.

In Year 8 the girls explored the structure of the atom. They continue their investigations into atomic structure and the periodic table in Year 9. They also examine the different types of chemical bonding and chemical reactions.

In their studies in Physics the girls investigate the forces involved in motion, with a particular emphasis on car design and road safety.

In the Physics area of the course the girls will also explore the world of electronics. They will examine basic components and circuitry and make one or more practical models.


No text books are required, however a laptop, 2 workbooks and fully equipped pencil case are essential. A calculator is also necessary.


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