Year 9 - Year 9 Humanities


Humanities is a subject that integrates the study of History, Geography, Economics and Civics and Citizenship to provide you with a learning experience that focuses on developing skills and investigating issues that are relevant to your life.

You will deepen your understanding of the past, contemporary global issues and the impact of human activities on the natural environment. Topics may include the following:

Industrial Revolution

Unity and Diversity in Australia

Movement of People

Biomes and Ecosystems

The Workforce – Past, Present and Future



  • How do we learn about the past?
  • What is unity?
  • How do humans impact the natural environment?
  • How has work changed over time?
  • How do we ensure there is a future?



You will be expected to complete a broad range of activities, including:  individual research tasks, oral presentations, posters, maps, tests, group work and multi-media presentations.  You will complete one common reportable learning task each term.



You will need to bring the following materials to every class:

  • a device to access the world wide web, Compass and to use selected Apps
  • Ring binder with loose leaf paper or an exercise book for note taking
  • Plastic pockets to store handouts and submit work
  • Pens, pencils and other stationery

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