ALP, Year 9 - Year 9 Humanities ALP


9ALP Humanities deepens students’ understanding of twentieth century history, global issues and interaction of human activities with the natural environment. Topics may include the following:

  • • Why say sorry? Reconciliation and indigenous rights.

Students research the struggles and successes of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to gain political and social rights and their campaigns for land rights.

  • • How has Australia changed in the twentieth century?

Students explore the concept of nation building and the Australian identity, which may include World War I, World War II, post-war immigration and various social movements.

Are women’s lives improving? The rights and roles of women. Students investigate the extent to which women’s lives have changed.

  • • How should we manage our natural resources?

Students investigate a natural system and its interaction with human activities, considering local, national and global implications. They propose ways of managing resources now and in the future.


~Text book (see book list)

~MacBooks will be used

~ A Folder with loose leaf & plastic pockets is recommended.



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