Year 8 - Year 8 Science ALP


This subject includes topics from each of the major branches of Science, and aims to encourage students to find out more about the world around them. We begin with an introduction to ‘Scientific Method’ and students discover the importance of controlling variables in any experiment. A range of experiments are then completed during the year, some of the students’ own design. In our Chemistry Unit, students will investigate chemical and physical changes and use models to represent their work on atoms and elements. Amazing features of light, mirrors and lenses are explored, as well as colour and vision later in the year. We also consider body systems and ecosystems in our work in Biology. Our focus is on developing students’ Science knowledge, skills and understanding, whilst considering the changing role of scientists and their work in the community.


Students will need:

  • Lap top computer
  • Note book or folder with loose leaf and plastic pockets
  • Fully equipped pencil case

Note: All experimental equipment will be provided, including laboratory coats and safety glasses as required.


Students are encouraged to be aware of current scientific topics of interest, and to share these issues with others.

The experiments are great – sometimes you get to design them yourself.  (Past student.)

The flame test demonstration was cool. (Past student.)


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