Year 8 - Year 8 Mathematics ALP


Year 8 ALP Mathematics provides students with the opportunity to further build on their skills and knowledge in this subject. The year begins with a focus on number skills – percentages and ratio work in particular. Our focus is on very practical application of concepts covered, with examples including discounts and interest calculations. This is important for our students’ future studies but also in terms of developing skills for life!

Students will extend their previous work on surface area and volume and meet Pythagoras and the Trigonometric Ratios for the first time as part of our work on Measurement. We will also spend time developing the students’ skills and confidence in creating and solving algebraic equations. We will look at the properties of linear graphs and find out why they are so important. Students will then discover the features of parallel lines and explore the angles created when such lines are crossed.

Along the way, the students have the opportunity to continually build on their problem solving, modelling and inquiry skills.



Students will need:

  • iPad/Computer
  • Scientific calculator
  • Notebooks/folder with looseleaf paper and plastic pockets
  • Fully equipped pencil case


Students would be expected to work at a greater pace than mainstream students. It will be important that they keep up to date with problems set and ask lots of questions in class.

Possible pathway could lead into -

Year 9 Mathematics ALP

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