Year 8 - Year 8 Humanities ALP


In this subject your inquires will lead you through a range of issues and events from the past and present, challenging you to also consider your impact on the future. As well as exploring your role as an active citizen of the 21st century and you will develop skills in historical inquiry and understand connections between past societies and how we live today.

Activities may include:

  • Travelling back in time 1000 years ago and imagining a medieval setting for a Choose Your Own Historical Adventure Story, and presenting it as an interactive website.
  • Considering your rights and responsibilities as a citizen and taking a stand on an issue that matters to you.
  • Investigating issues regarding hunger, poverty or Fair Trade and making positive changes in your own lives.
  • Exploring Australia’s colonial and indigenous history and asking if Australia was fairly settled or invaded?
  • Undertaking field work in the Geelong area and developing proposals for local environmental issues.

IMAGE: 8L students on the Barwon River Fieldtrip


Possible pathway could lead into -

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