Year 7 - Year 7 Science ALP

The subjects of Mathematics & Science at this level are integrated, however the skills for both Mathematics and Science are explicitly taught.


In semester one the initial focus is ‘Magic’, incorporating whole number skills and scientific practice, as well as how to safely use scientific equipment. The girls will create and perform their own magic show.


Sem 1

“How many Olympic sized swimming pools does the City of Greater Geelong use in a day?”

Other topics covered include measurement, decimals, fractions, solids, liquids and gases.

Sem 2

“How does it work?”

This will incorporate magnetism, electricity, biological systems and forces. Other topics covered will include algebra, statistics and space.

Throughout the year the students will carry out many ‘hands-on’ activities and work in groups.



Semester 1:

1. Magic Trick Demonstration

2. Water Usage Investigation.

Semester 2:

  1. “How does it work?” Rich Task
  2. Solving Equations Assessment Task



No text books are required, however a laptop, 2 workbooks and fully equipped pencil case are essential. A calculator will also be necessary.



Possible pathway could lead into -

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