Year 7 - Year 7 Mathematics ALP

The subjects of Mathematics & Science at this level are integrated, however the skills for both Mathematics and Science are explicitly taught.



In term one the initial focus is ‘Magic’, incorporating number skills (Whole Number and Integers) and Scientific Practice, as well as how to safely use scientific equipment. The students create and perform their own Magic Science Demonstration.

In term two the focus is on Water. In Mathematics the students investigate their own Water usage, which incorporates Graphs, Statistics, Volume & Capacity. They complete additional measurement tasks as well. In Science they explore the properties of Water and the Water Cycle.

In Semester two the students focus on Ecology and then the Physical Sciences (Energy, Magnetism, Electric Circuits and Forces), and work towards a Rich Task “How does it Work?”

In Mathematics they start with some early Algebra and progress to solving simple equations. They will explore the properties of different Polygons and then consolidate their Decimal/Fraction/Percentage skills by working on some Consumer Mathematics tasks.


Semester 1:

“How many Olympic sized swimming pools does the City of Greater Geelong use in a day?”

Semester 2:

“How does it work?”


This course involves many ‘hands-on’ activities and working on collaborative tasks in teams.



Semester 1:

  1. Magic Trick Demonstration
  2. Water Usage Investigation.

Semester 2:

  1. “How does it work?” Rich Task
  2. Solving Equations Assessment Task



Equipment needed: an iPad, a workbook for Mathematics & Science (i.e. 2 workbooks), a fully equipped pencil case and a Scientific Calculator is essential.

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