Year 7 - Year 7 Humanities ALP


Year 7 Humanities in the Accelerated Learning Program allows students to further develop and enhance their historical, geographical and economic knowledge, understanding and skills. Students in the ALP will complete some of the work that is undertaken by the mainstream Making Connections classes. However, they complete work at a faster pace, have additional tasks and activities and also undertake work from Level 8 AusVELS.



During semester one, students study an ancient civilization (either Ancient Egypt, Rome or Greece). Key questions explored include: How do we know about the ancient past?Why and where did the earliest societies develop?What emerged as the defining characteristics of ancient societies?What have been the legacies of ancient societies?

Students will also complete a unit on mapping, which aims to further develop their geospatial skills.

During semester two, students explore topics including endangered species and environmental degradation. They also study the Polynesian expansion, which is a key component of Level 8 AusVELS. Key questions explored include: How did societies change from the end of the ancient period to the beginning of the modern age? What key beliefs and values emerged and how did they influence societies? What were the causes and effects of contact between societies in this period? Which significant people, groups and ideas from this period have influenced the world today? Students also complete a unit on economics, where they explore issues relating to the Australian economy, consumers, producers and types of businesses.



Assessment tasks and activities for semester one are varied, and include group presentations to the class, timelines, tests, the creation of a fictional island and written reports.

Assessment tasks and activities for semester two are varied, and include written reports, oral presentations, timelines and tests.



 At present, there is no set textbook for this subject. However, students often use resources and class sets of texts provided by their teacher and make extensive use of the on-line classroom. Students will require an exercise book and/or loose leaf paper and an iPad.

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