Year 9 - Design

The course will entail 3 periods per week, for 1 Semester. This elective subject is a continuation of your studies in design. It focuses on consolidating creative thinking techniques and using images to communicate to different audiences.

You will become more confident in using the visual language and following the design process. You will also further develop your own individual solutions to a variety of design challenges.

You can experiment with various media, like: pencils, markers, pastels and watercolour, as well as methods like drawing, painting, photography, collage, computers or 3D modelling.

You will learn how to draw in different ways – freehand & using instruments, as well as design using technology. You will also start using some specific drawing systems.

You just need to listen, follow advice and try your hardest to do well in this subject. A positive attitude and a willingness to persist is all you need. There are many correct answers in design!


Possible pathway could lead into -

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