Year 12 - Visual Communication Design Unit 3-4

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In Unit 3: Design thinking and practice, students will develop their own solutions to detailed design challenges. They will create visual communications for specific contexts, purposes and audiences that are informed by their analysis of existing visual communications. Students describe how designs are created and produced in the design industry and explain factors that influence these practices. They then apply design thinking skills to prepare their own brief, undertake research and generate a range of ideas. Student will develop their creative skills following the design process, coming up with their own ideas based on the research they do.


Unit 4: Design development and presentation, will continue on learning developed in Unit 3. Students will develop two distinctly different design concepts, and select and refine a concept and produce final visual communication presentations that satisfy the requirements of the brief.They deliver “a pitch” to present and explain their visual communications to an audience and evaluate the visual communications against the brief. Students will showcase their skills in drawing, creative thinking and the design process. They will define their focus, then they will record their work in a comprehensive folio and finally they will present and explain their work to others.



The vast majority of the time in these units is spent on ‘practical work’ with the focus on ‘learning through doing’. Most outcomes will be met through developing annotated folios of drawings and designs. Some (parts of) outcomes will be met through written tasks that reinforce and support the practical work. End of year external examination will also be used as a part of assessment.

Students will be assessed by School Assessed Coursework (SACs) 25%; School Assessed Task (SAT – Folio): 40%; and End of Year Examination 35%



No textbook needed

Laptops will be used regularly A3 or A2 Sized Folio

A Fineliner Felt Tip Pen

A Pilot Felt Tip Pen

Clutch Pencil and Sharpener

General Stationery

Almost all specialist drawing equipment and media are available for use in the classroom. Depending on your folio, you may have to provide additional resources, but this is not often needed.



“Less is more.” – MIES VAN DE ROHE

“Less is a bore.”- ROBERT VENTURI

“Create your own visual style… let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.” – ORSON WELLES


This subject is very useful for students wanting to pursue careers in Design: Graphic Design, Landscape or Interior Design, Architecture, Furniture or Fashion Design, Marketing, Engineering and Technical Illustration, and related fields.