Year 10 - Fit and Healthy

This is a one semester unit with 5 periods per week that is a fantastic blend of both physically active classes and theory based classes. So, if you like being active at school, this is the elective for you.


There are two main theory topics covered over the semester, and they look like this:

  1. All About Babies– we start with conception and causes of infertility, follow the pregnancy journey, the different birthing options and in particular the issues facing teenage mums.

This is a great stepping stone if you are considering a VCE pathway that leads to HHD, which stands for Health and Human Development.


  1. What is Fitness?– If you like to learn about the body systems and how they enable us to be physically active then this is the elective for you. You will also learn about all the Fitness Components, how to test them and how to train them so that we can improve our performance in sport.

This is a perfect stepping stone if you are considering a VCE pathway that leads to PE, which stands for Physical Education.


What about the practical classes?

There are also two main units that we participate in over the semester. Take a look.

  1. The Big Comp – is like a mini competitive season except that the sport or activity changes each week. You will play with your team and see how the team’sjostle for a top place on the ladder each week.


  1. Fitness – firstly test what level you are for each fitness component, then experience different methods of training that specifically target improvements using correct training principles. This is aimed at setting your own goals and individual improvements. We also visit a few local gyms as part of our fitness work.

Of course, you will wear the MFG PE uniform to all of these classes. Physical participation is what you are signing up for.



Yes, there is a cost of $40 for this unit.

No specialist text books or programs are required.

Students are expected to bring a workbook and computer/device to each theory class.



An elective for students considering:

  1. VCE PE
  2. VCE HHD
  3. VET Certificate 3 and 4 in Fitness.
  4. Tertiary studies of PE, Sport Sciences and Health Sciences eg. nursing

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