Year 10 - Textiles


Students will focus on Fashion and Clothing to develop their own individual Textiles items, creating an individual style based on an existing past fashion style. Students undertaking this unit will be able to focus on wearable art for a Studio Arts focus or Product Design and Technology.



– Investigating and research past fashion styles or trends

– investigate new technologies associated with textiles

– design and create a fashion outfit which includes an item of wearable clothing and at least two matching accessories based on research of a past fashion style or trend. For example: A dress, shoes and hat and/or bag

– modifying, recycling altering and embellishing techniques for production work which may include using new technology such as LED lights

– use of specialised machines such as the Overlocker, embellishing machine, computerised embroidery machine and other equipment.

– Evaluating and analysing production pieces using set criteria and those developed by the student



– Designs for production work

– Investigation and research

– Production of outfit pieces

– Evaluation/analysis of all production pieces



What is the difference between fashion and wearable art?

How does fashion evolve and change over time? What factors drive fashion/style/mode changes?

Why are new materials and production methods developed in Textiles?


An A3 Sketch Book

General stationary

Fabric for production of Textiles items (to be advised by the teacher)

Digital Device

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