Year 8 - Textiles



Students will work on tasks using design briefs, problem solving techniques and modifications using Textiles materials and related equipment.



– Working with a Design Brief and set Criteria

– Designing by Investigation and modification of existing design

-Production of a simple Textiles item using a template and embellishment techniques For example: an apron

– Production of a three-dimensional object using soft materials. For example; A bag

– Use of sewing machines and machine embroidery (optional)

– Research of Careers in the Textiles Industry

– Stitching techniques.

– Evaluating and analysing production pieces using

different formats



Based on Victorian Curriculum

– Designs for production work

– Investigation and research

– Production of two pieces

– Evaluation/analysis of two production pieces



How does designing and changing Textiles items impact on their production?

How does the sequencing of production affect the finished product?


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