Year 8 - Textiles


Students in Year 8 at MFGSC undertake Textiles for one semester. This subject leads into Year 9 and 10 Textiles Electives and then Studio Arts at VCE level.


Victorian Curriculum

Students work through the process of Creating Designed Solutions. They investigate what is needed, generate ideas, and safely work on the production of items  for a specific purpose or function and evaluate the success and effectiveness of the process and product. Students will undertake an investigation of Technologies Contexts in wool fibre production and sustainability.


Projects and Assessment Tasks

In Year 8 Textiles, learn how to work through production processes safely and have the opportunity to use tools, materials, equipment, sewing machines and technology to develop textiles items. They have opportunity to develop their own design ideas within set criteria.


Planned tasks;

  • Design and make a soft denim storage item with personalised design features
  • Use a commercial pattern to create a simple garment
  • Produce an item that uses embellishing techniques
  • Use and understand correct terminology and definitions for textiles production and construction techniques.
  • Research of wool fibre production and sustainability in Australia



A4 Visual Arts Diary

A4 plastic wallet/folder

Derwent Coloured Pencils

HB and 2B Grey lead pencil


Pencil Sharpener



Most materials will be provided otherwise students will be required to purchase their own materials specific to the task and individual design preferences, under guidance from the teacher.



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