Year 8 - Science


In Year 8 Science, students complete a broad based science course. The year begins with a topic that concentrates on Scientific Processes or Scientific Method.

In their studies in Chemistry, students examine the properties of substances. A number of experiments are performed where different types of chemical reactions are investigated. Students also examine the properties and reactions of acids and bases. In the field of Biology, students investigate cells in animals and plants and this expands into investigating different systems of the human body. In Physics, students investigate simple and complex machines. This involves experiments involving levers, wheels and pulleys. Students will also investigate astronomy, where they will investigate an aspect of space exploration, the solar system, or another area of interest in astronomy and complete a report on it.



Students learn how to design and perform fair experiments to test hypotheses that they have developed and report on their own investigations.



No text books are required, however a laptop, 2 workbooks and fully equipped pencil case are essential. A calculator is also necessary.


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