Year 10 - Science Depth Studies

In the Semester 2 course students will have the opportunity to investigate emerging issues in science relating to the following fields:


Throughout the Genetics unit students will develop knowledge based around the following key questions:

What is DNA?

What are genes?

What are chromosomes?

How are traits passed from generation to generation?

What are genetic mutations and how might they influence evolution?

  • How much influence should technology have on the genetic makeup of the human gene pool?

Environmental Science

Throughout the Environmental Science unit students will develop knowledge based around the following key questions:

How are the physical, chemical and biological components of a natural system interconnected?

What impacts do humans have on the environment?

What is sustainability?

How are social, economic and environmental factors taken into consideration in decision-making?

How can we mitigate our impact on the environment?


Key Assessment Tasks:

  • Investigation into a Genetic Disorder
  • Research and Presentation of an Environmental Issue

End of Semester Exam

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