Year 11 - Psychology Unit 1-2


In Units 1 and 2 Psychology, students are introduced to the scientific study of the human mind and behaviour. They will study topics in Unit 1 such as the brain and nervous system, psychological development including the nature versus nurture debate, concepts of normality and abnormality, and research methods including ethics and experimental design. In Unit 2, students will learn about perception and sensation (with a focus on visual and taste perception), social cognition (including attitudes and prejudice), and social influences on behaviour. Over the course of both units, students will plan, undertake and report on various experiments whilst learning how their findings relate to personal experiences and everyday circumstances.  Students will also visit the Barwon Prison during Unit 2 as part of their study of attitude formation.



Each unit is assessed through a variety of coursework, work requirements, three SACs and one final end of unit exam.



Nelson Psychology VCE Units 1 and 2 textbook

Nelson Psychology Activity Manual

Exercise book

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