Year 11 - Psychology Unit 1-2


Students are introduced to the scientific study of the human mind and behaviour. This course covers the essential skills required for the study of Psychology at both Year 11 level and for students wishing to undertake Unit 3 and 4 Psychology. Key skills that are attained vary from investigating and inquiring in a scientific manner to students being able to apply and communicate psychological understandings.  Over the course of study students plan, undertake and report on various experiments whilst learning how their findings relate to personal experiences and everyday circumstances.
Students undertake two key areas of study per unit; in Unit, 1 ‘Introduction to Psychology’, students focus on the key learning area ‘What is Psychology?’ then move through the second area of study ‘Lifespan Psychology?’. In Unit 2, Psychology centres upon ‘Self and Others’, where students are focused on progressing through a study surrounding both interpersonal and group behaviour before exploring the study of intelligence and personality.



Each unit is assessed through a variety of coursework, work requirements, three SACs and one final end of unit exam.



Grivas and Carter Psychology for the VCE student (textbook)
Exercise book

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