Year 11 - Physics Unit 1-2

UNIT ONE:  What Ideas Explain the physical world?


Areas of Study.

How can Thermal effects be explained?

How do electric circuits work?

What is matter and how is it formed?


UNIT TWO:  What do experiments reveal about the physical world?


Areas of Study


How can motion be described and explained?

Practical Investigation.

Options which can be chosen from-

What are stars?

Is there life beyond Earth’s Solar System?

How do forces act on the human body

How can AC electricity charge a DC device?

How do heavy things fly?

How do fusion and fission compare as viable nuclear energy power sources?

How is radiation used to maintain human health?

How do particle accelerators work?

How can human vision be enhanced?

How do instruments make music?

How can performance in ball sports be improved?

How does the human body use electricity?


Possible pathway could lead into -

Physics Unit 3-4

UNIT THREE:  How do fields explain motion and electricity   Areas of Study   How do things move without contact? How are fields used to move electrical energy…