Year 11 - Physical Education Unit 1-2


In Unit 1 students focus on how the musculoskeletal system works to produce movement and how the cardiorespiratory system functions at rest and at physical activity.

There are 3 outcomes to achieve in this unit. They include:

  1. Explain how the musculoskeletal system functions to produce movement and how performance can be enhanced both legally and illegally.

2. Explain how the cardiorespiratory system changes at rest and during physical activity, and the perceived benefits and potential harms of performance enhancing practices.

3. Students will be required to document at least 4 training sessions they organise and participate in.

In Unit 2 students develop an understanding of physical activity, sport and society from a participatory perspective. students will actively promote physical activity in different settings.

There are 2 outcomes to achieve in this unit. They include:

  1. Collect and analyse data on participation in physical activity and sedentary behaviours t create and undertake a plan to meet guidelines for an individual or specific group.
  2. Use a social-ecological framework to collect and analyse data of a chosen contemporary issue associated with physical participation in a nominated setting.


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