Year 11 - Physical Education Unit 1-2


If you are interested in learning about the human body & you enjoy being physically active, then this is the subject for you. In this subject we work hard and we play hard!

Unit 1: BODIES IN MOTION explores how 4 body systems (skeletal, muscular, cardio & respiratory) work together enabling us to move. Students will find out how muscles are supplied with energy, how biomechanics improves performance and how sports injuries can be prevented as well as rehabilitated.

Unit 2: SPORTS COACHING & PHYSICALLY ACTIVE LIFESTYLES investigates how sport performance is improved by coaching. Students discover how being physically active helps our health & well being and how our physical activity changes as we go through life. As motivated & active people we will promote the benefits of active living to others.

Every week we will have at least one double lesson that is a theory class. You are expected to bring your text book & work book to this class. Most weeks we will have one double lesson that is a practical class. We try our hand at a lot of different physical activities that may include:

  • Visits to local fitness gyms for group exercise classes (like pump) & weight room use.
  • Fitness work along the Barwon River, Waterfront & local parks.
  • A wide variety of sports
  • Coaching experiences with primary aged students who visit Matthew Flinders



The prescribed text book: PHYSCIAL EDUCATION VCE UNITS 1-2, by Telford, Seery, Whittle, Corrie & Malpeli (this was a new text for 2011)
A Folder with loose leaf & plastic pockets is recommended.
MacBook will be required for class use

The MFGSC PE uniform is to be worn for all prac classes.


Please note:
•    There are no pre requisites for PE 1-2 apart from energy & enthusiasm!
•    PE 1-2 is highly recommended for PE 3-4.

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