Year 12 - Physical Education Unit 3-4



In Unit 3: Physical Activity Participation and Physiological Performance, students will learn how to assess physical activity levels and relate this information to the National Physical Activity Guidelines. They will also look at ways of promoting participation in regular physical activity. Once they have managed to get everyone active, students will need to learn about how the energy systems interplay to provide fuel for movement. They will learn about fatigue and consider how to delay, prevent and manage fatigue while promoting recovery for a range of athletes.

There are 2 areas of study to be completed in Unit 3 PE:

1) Monitoring and Promotion of Physical Activity

2) Physiological Responses to Physical Activity.

Learning areas may include:

  • Assessment of physical activity and sedentary behaviour
  • Changing physical activity behaviour
  • Promoting physical activity
  • Acute responses to exercise
  • Food fuels and energy systems
  • Fatigue and recovery systems

In Unit 4: Enhancing Performance, students will learn how to undertake activity analysis and then use the data gathered to devise a training program that will in turn improve an athlete’s performance. A sound knowledge of fitness components and tests will be developed, along with an understanding of appropriate training methods and principles.

There are 2 areas of study in Unit 4 PE:

1) Planning, Implementing and Evaluating a Training Program

2) Performance Enhancement and Recovery Practices.

Learning areas may include:

  • Fitness components used in sports and activities
  • Data collection and activity analysis
  • Assessment of fitness
  • Training principles & methods
  • Chronic training adaptations
  • Performance enhancement from a dietary perspective
  • Strategies to enhance recovery
  • Psychological performance enhancement
  • Legal and illegal performance-enhancing strategies
  • Anti-doping codes and practices



School based assessment of Unit 3 work contributes 25% of a student’s total score. School based assessment of Unit 4 work contributes 25% of a student’s total score.  (SACs)

The final examination of coursework from Units 3 & 4 contributes 50% of a student’s total score.


Please note:

Practical classes will not run each week, but will occur when possible and they will complement your theoretical work at the time.


IMAGE: Unit 4 PE student about to undertake a VO2max test at BioLab.