Year 12 - Outdoor & Enviro Studies Unit 3-4


Outdoor and Environmental Studies is an exciting, challenging and adventurous subject, which combines practical experiences and theoretical knowledge of the outdoor environment.  If you are after thrill seeking experiences and are passionate about spending time in the outdoors, then this subject is for you!

There is an expectation that each student must pay for and attend all camps as a part of meeting the outcomes of the course content.


AOS 1 Historical Relationships

Focus of this AOS is on how Australians have understood and interacted with specific outdoor environments over time, including: Indigenous Australians, Early Settlers, Increase in Population, Industrialisation, and Nation Building.

AOS 2 Contemporary Relationships

Focus of this AOS is on the current relationship between humans and the outdoor environments.  Practical experiences will enable students to investigate the patterns and types of interaction with the outdoor environment and society’s responses to risk taking in the outdoors.


AOS 1 Healthy Outdoor Environments

Students explore the contemporary state of environments in Australia and the importance of natural environments to individuals and society – Why is our natural environment important for future human societies?  Practical experience will provide students with the knowledge and skills for safe and sustainable interaction with natural environments.

AOS 2 Sustainable Outdoor Environments

In this area of study students focus on the sustainability of environments in order to support the future needs of ecosystems, individuals and society. Students will be required to investigate case studies of conflicts of interest between people involved in the uses of outdoor environments, and develop a clear understanding of the methods and processes commonly used in attempts to resolve these conflicts.


  • VCE Outdoor and Environmental Studies text book.
  • Loose leaf folder, A4 paper, plastic pockets, glue & scissors.
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Waterproof Jacket
  • Thermal pants & top

Practical Experiences:

4 Day Canoe Camp

This trip includes canoeing, hiking, caving and camping at the Lower Glenelg National Park. A wonderful remote wilderness experience!

4 Day Ski Camp

This trip includes a 4-day visit to the Alpine National Park, including 2 full days of downhill skiing at Mt Hotham, an educational seminar from a park ranger and a case study of the uses & impacts of Alpine environments. An exciting and challenging experience!

* You may also participate in other activities


This is a useful subject for careers involving outdoor work in areas such as; Park Ranger, Outdoor Recreation Leader, Outdoor Education Teacher, Camp Director, Recreational Officer and Corporate Team Builder.  This subject will also help to gain entry into TAFE and University Courses including teaching degrees and recreational certificates.


* There is a levy of between $700-$750 for this subject ($350 per unit). This covers the cost of ski camp, canoe equipment, instructors, bus hire, CRT coverage etc.

* Camps are a compulsory component of the course. A minimum of 20 hours of practical experience, must be undertaken in order to obtain a Satisfactory completion of each Unit 3 & 4 (40 Hours total for the year). It is expected that all students enrolled in this course will attend both camps.

*  3 School based assessments of Unit 3 work, contributes 25% of a student’s total score.

* 3 School based assessments of Unit 4 work, contributes 25% of a student’s total score.  (SACs).

* The final examination of coursework from Units 3 & 4 contributes 50% of a student’s total score.