Year 9 - Outdoor Adventures (Elective)


If you are interested in personal growth, personal challenge and fun in the outdoors and you can swim, then this is the elective for you. This fun and challenging elective requires organisation and commitment from all students.

Activities include: kayaking, boneseed weeding, bike riding, surfing, snorkelling, outdoor rock climbing, abseiling, indoor rock climbing, riverside walking and an introductory overnight school camp. The subject culminates in an overnight Mountain Biking camp that will test students’ skills as well as their ability to work as a team.



No equipment is compulsory but the following equipment may be useful:

Decent Cycling Gear
Wet weather gear
Drink Bottle
Snorkelling Gear

(These can be borrowed)



There is an expectation that each student must pay for and attend all camps as a part of meeting the outcomes of the course content.

The cost is currently $250, but this is subject to change. This must be paid at the beginning of each semester.


Please note:

All students must complete a compulsory swimming test to assess their competency in aquatic environments. They will be required to swim 200m in under 8 minutes and tread water for 5 minutes.



“I had never done many of the activities, so that challenged me!”
“Surfing was the best”
“I really liked cooking on the trangia.”
“I loved the variety of activities and experiences.”

IMAGE: Mountain Bike Riding at Anglesea Camp – spectacular views of the coastline from the cliff tops.

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