Year 11 - Media Unit 1-2


In this course you will examine the way meaning is constructed in many forms of media. You will be introduced to the key concept of representation and how it is used to construct a reality to an audience.

You will look at ‘new media’ and how it has impacted on society on a global, cultural and personal level. Importantly, you will be introduced to the language used to ‘read’, understand and decode the media.

In groups you will be responsible for writing, planning, filming and editing a short film. This includes using a variety of software including: iMovie, Garageband, celtx, Photoshop and other programs.

You will also look at media ownership and how this impacts on the creation and distribution of media products for an audience.

•    Textbook. Flack, Jo. ‘Nelson Media  – Units 1-4’ (2010) (tbc)
•    A4 studio art visual diary
•    Digital storage to 4GB (usb, hard drive, ipod etc)
•    Plastic display folder
•    Notebook or laptop for notetaking

“There is no terror in a bang, only in the anticipation of it.”
-Alfred Hitchcock

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