Year 11 - Media Unit 1-2

In Unit 1 Media students will examine the way meaning is constructed via many media forms. Students will be introduced to the key concept of ‘representation’ and how it is used to construct a reality to an audience. Students will create representations using a variety of media formats as well as exploring the unique and diverse position Australian narratives occupy within our culture.

Outcome 1: Media representations. Analyse how media codes and conventions work to create meaning in media texts.

Outcome 2: Media forms in production. Design, produce and evaluate media products using the production design process.

Outcome 3: Australian stories. Analyse, compare and discuss the many factors that influence Australian texts from production to audience reception.

In Unit 2 Media students will explore and examine how narratives construct realities and meaning for audiences using media language. Working collaboratively, and individually, students will create narratives via the media production process. Students will study at least two narratives in two different media forms to gain an understanding of the construction of narrative.

Outcome 1: Narrative style and genre. Analyse the structure of narratives in different media forms.

Outcome 2: Narratives in production.  Design and produce narratives via the media production process.

Outcome 3: Media and change. Analyse how digital technologies and audiences are connected within the media landscape.


Victoria Certificate of Education. MEDIA Study Design. (2018-2022)

Media text book (to be advised)

A4 studio art visual diary
Digital storage to 4GB (usb, hard drive, cloud etc)
Plastic display folder
Notebook or laptop

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