Year 7 - Making Connections


Making Connections is a subject that integrates the study of English, Economics and Geography to provide you with a learning experience that focuses on developing skills and investigating issues that are relevant to your life.

In semester one, you will study a combination of English, Geography and Economics.  You will investigate how human activities and consumer choices impact on the environment in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region by exploring issues related to sustainability, threatened species and animal rights.  You will study a novel focusing on these issues and complete a major task that will educate others about an environmental issue of interest to you.  The essential question underlying your research will be ‘How do consumer choices impact on the animal world?’


How do consumer choices impact on the animal world?

What does it mean to be a member of the MFGSC community?

In semester two, you will study a combination of English and History.  The essential question guiding your work will be ‘What does it mean to be a member of the MFGSC community?’  You will explore the school’s past, connect with its current values and traditions and think creatively about how they might shape the future of the College.  The rich task will enable you to reflect on the important contribution you have made at the College since joining our community and will give you the opportunity to share your experiences with students joining the College in the following year.

Across the year, the study of selected novels and films, ongoing development of grammar, spelling and punctuation skills and writing for specific purposes and audiences is an important component of the subject.  You will also focus on developing your speaking, listening and reading abilities.

The curriculum is built around the interrelated strands and domains of:

  • English:  Language, Literature, Literacy;
  • Economics:  Knowledge and Understanding, Reasoning and Interpretation; Geography:  Knowledge and Understanding, Geospatial Skills;
  • History:  Knowledge and Understanding, Historical Skills



You will be expected to complete a broad range of activities, including:  individual research tasks, oral presentations, posters, maps, tests, group work, multi-media presentations and creative and persuasive writing pieces.



You will need to bring the following materials to every class:

  • an iPad to access the world wide web, on line classroom and to use selected Apps
  • Ring binder with loose leaf paper or an exercise book for note taking
  • Small exercise book for roll marking activities
  • Plastic pockets to store handouts and submit work
  • Pens, pencils and other stationery


You will also be expected to purchase the set novel and grammar book as detailed on the booklist.


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