Year 12 - Literature Unit 3-4


Literature involves the study and enjoyment of a wide range of literary texts – classical, popular, traditional and modern. Its distinctive focus is on the use of language to illuminate and give insight into the nature of experience.

Literature is an interactive study between the text, the social/political/economic context in which the text was produced, and the experiences of life and of literature that the reader brings to the text.

In class, we ask questions about the authorsʼ concerns, the experiences of characters, and how meaning is created through the textʼs use of language and literary devices.


Texts for 2017:

Short Stories by Cate Kennedy ʻDark Rootsʼ

“Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” – Tennessee Williams

“A Dolls House” – Henrik Ibsen

“The Leopard” – di Lampedusa


Please note:

To be awarded the VCE at the end of Year 12, students must satisfactorily complete at least three units of English within their VCE program. For the ATAR calculation, students must have passed English or Literature Units 3 & 4. If a student studies both subjects, the highest score will be calculated first.

There are no prerequisites for Units 1,2 & 3 Literature, but Unit 3 must be studied before Unit 4.

If students aim to do Literature Units 3 & 4 as their only English subject, it is expected that they study Units 1 & 2 Literature if they wish to maximize their English score.