Year 12 - Legal Studies Unit 3-4



In Unit 3 you will develop an understanding of the institutions that determine our laws, and their law-making powers and processes and undertake an informed evaluation of the effectiveness of law-making bodies.  You will develop an appreciation of the complex nature of law-making by investigating the key features and operation of parliament, and influences on law-making, with a focus on the role of the individual.


Central to the investigation of law-making is the role played by the Commonwealth Constitution.  You will learn about the importance of the Constitution and the High Court in your life and in society as a whole, and undertake a comparative analysis with another country.  You will investigate the nature and importance of courts as law-makers and undertake an evaluation of their effectiveness as law-making bodies.  You will also investigate the relationships that exist between parliaments and courts.


Unit 4 introduces you to the concept that the legal system provides mechanisms by which legal disputes of both a criminal and a civil nature can be resolved in a fair and just manner.  Dispute resolution bodies such as courts and tribunals employ a range of means and processes that enables the resolution of legal disputes.

You will examine the institutions that adjudicate criminal cases and civil disputes and investigate methods of dispute resolution that can be used as an alternative to civil litigation.  You will learn about the processes and procedures followed in courtrooms and develop an understanding of the adversary system of trial and the jury system, as well as pre-trial and post-trial procedures that operate in the Victorian legal system.  Using the elements of an effective legal system, you will then consider the extent to which court processes and procedures contribute to the effective operation of the legal system and consider reforms or changes that could further improve its effective operation.




You will be expected to complete all set coursework to achieve an ‘S’ for each unit.  In addition tasks will be set as School Assessed Coursework (SACs) for each area of study in Unit 3 and Unit 4.




You will need to bring the following materials to every class:


  • a device to access the world wide web, Compass and to use selected Apps
  • ring binder with loose leaf paper or an exercise book for note taking
  • plastic pockets to store handouts and submit work
  • pens, pencils and other stationery
  • your textbook