Year 10 - Legal Eagles & Tycoons

This course is a combination of legal aptitude and financial intelligence. Want to know your legal rights? Want to learn how the law works in Australia, both in the Public and Private arenas? Interested in Human Rights or Social justice? You can even choose your own area of interest to specialize in. There is also an opportunity to look at the development of democracy, the process of elections, and the role of pressure groups. Included may be a look at some famous politicians, and how social and cultural movements that have shaped Australian society.

Want to know How to buy a car, how to invest in the Stock market, or how to find out about business and employment trends? Then this subject is for you!

You explore managing financial risks, and how to generate wealth for yourselves and the community. Also explored is how you can earn and invest, as well as how can businesses survive and thrive in global markets. There is also the aspect of the changing work culture and environments and future job prospects. Included are real and simulated financial case studies (Examples include How to buy a car, How to invest in the Stock market, and being money smart).

Possible pathway could lead into -

Business Management Unit 1&2

Course Description   In studying VCE Business Management Units 1 and 2, students develop knowledge and skills that enhance their confidence and ability to participate effectively, as socially…