Year 10 - Legal Eagles & Business Tycoons


This course creates an opportunity to develop your legal aptitude and financial intelligence. You will investigate the development of democracy, the process of elections, the role of pressure groups and learn about some famous politicians.   You will have the opportunity to explore issues related to human rights, social justice and discover how social and cultural movements have shaped Australian society.

You will learn how to manage financial risks, earn, invest and generate wealth for yourself and the community.  Find out how to buy a car, how to invest in the stock market and how to find out about business and employment trends and how businesses survive and thrive in global markets.  You will analyse our changing work culture and environments and future job prospects.

The curriculum is built around the Victorian Curriculum

  • Economics: Resource Allocation and Making Choices; Consumer and Financial Literacy; Work and Work Futures
  • Civics and Citizenship: Law and Citizens; Government and Democracy



  • What are legal rights?
  • How does the law work?
  • How can I manage my money effectively?
  • What are my future job prospects?



You will be expected to complete a broad range of activities, including:  individual research tasks, oral presentations, posters, maps, tests, group work and multi-media presentations.  You will complete three common reportable learning tasks across the semester.



You will need to bring the following materials to every class:

  • a device to access the world wide web, Compass and to use selected Apps
  • ring binder with loose leaf paper or an exercise book for note taking
  • plastic pockets to store handouts and submit work
  • pens, pencils and other stationery

Possible pathway could lead into -