Year 7 - Performing Arts

In this core subject the best of both Drama and Dance are combined into one Performing Arts subject.


Release your creative potential!

  • Develop your physical and creative skills through workshops and performance.
  • Build your confidence and work cooperatively in a creative and dynamic environment.
  • Develop your physical skills through the use of dance as self- expression and work in a supportive environment to learn dance technique and physical skills, explore space and energy qualities. Find your own style!
  •  Create characters and invent your own scenes and work in a supportive environment to learn fun improvisation games, role – play and drama activities as well as an introduction to working with scripts.
  • Learn to communicate effectively through character and through movement!


– A4 binder book or journal


-Glue stick

-PE uniform or leggings and t-shirt for dance.

‘It is fun rehearsing and going through the dramatic process.’ CB

‘You go into creative realms. It’s a good contrast to other subjects.’ LD

‘I love using my body in a creative way!’ jD

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