Year 7 - Drama


In this core subject you begin to explore the word of Drama. The subject is designed to help you develop your confidence and help enhance your communication skills


Release your creative potential!

·       Develop your physical and creative skills through workshops and performance.

·       Build your confidence and work cooperatively in a creative and dynamic environment.

·        Create characters and invent your own scenes and work in a supportive environment to learn fun improvisation games, role – play and drama activities as well as an introduction to working with scripts.

·       Develop your understanding of the historical connection between classic drama styles and modern day movies and Television programs.

·       Work to develop your ability to use facial expressions, your voice, your body and gestures to communicate fantastic and exaggerated characters to an audience.

·       Create an understanding of how to use a stage correctly to communicate with an audience.

·       Learn to communicate effectively through character and through movement!



– A4 binder book or journal


-Glue stick

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