Year 12 - Indonesian Unit 3-4


This year, we focus on the themes of the urban environment of the large Indonesian cities, and related social issues such as the drift of people from villages to the city, unemployment, poverty, lack of equality and opportunity for education. Students will also investigate famous women from Indonesia’s history and learn how to negotiate leisure activities in Indonesian. Semester 2 focusses on environmental themes, such as threatened wildlife species, pollution, land use and degradation, recycling, etc.



There are three SACs per semester, which assess reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Information is obtained from a variety of sources, such as different textbooks, short internet articles, YouTube clips, and listening to CDs. Students must be prepared to do regular homework tasks, which for example might be writing, listening or reading comprehension tasks, learning new vocabulary on Language Perfect, ‘Quizlet’ or revising grammar exercises.

There is no mid-year exam.  50 percent of your score is obtained through SAC (School Assessed Coursework), and 50 percent from external examinations at the end of the year. There are two separate exams, an oral and a written one. The oral exam is held at a venue in Geelong  and lasts for 15 minutes. Students talk in Indonesian with two examiners about everyday topics such as family, school, hobbies, etc. and also discuss their Speical Study Topic.  The written exam (which also involves a listening component) is held at Matthew Flinders.



You will need a good set of Indonesian dictionaries. The Echols and Shadily dictionaries on the booklist are the recommended dictionaries.

~Text book – a school-produced workbook is provided for students. The workbook is also available electronically.
~ iPads/MacBooks/computers will be used in classes.
~ A folder with loose leaf & plastic pockets is recommended.


Please note:

This course will prepare you for Indonesian at University level. Several universities teach Indonesian,  including Deakin (Burwood and Waurn Ponds ), Melbourne, Monash, LaTrobe, Canberra (ANU), Flinders (Adelaide), and UNSW. Indonesian is offered as part of an Arts or Global Arts Degree, or can be combined with many other fields of study, such as journalism, medicine, engineering, and business.  Depending on your VCE score, you may sometimes be admitted to second year Indonesian at University.


Hanna (a student) says “Indonesia being our closest neighbour and an ideal holiday destination is enough reason in itself to want to immerse yourself in the culture, but knowing a second language is also great for future employment  opportunities. I have been to Bali and really want to go back to other parts of Indonesia as well. I definitely intend to continue studying Indonesian at university next year.”