Year 10 - Indonesian


In Semester One, we focus on the big question – why do we travel? Students will demonstrate their understanding through a range of creative tasks. Students are also involved in a Sayembara Lisan (an Indonesian speaking competition), where they answer some general conversation questions before giving a rehearsed speech and answering unrehearsed questions on that topic.

In Semester Two students not only learn about Indonesia’s rich heritage of art and music, they will have the opportunity to teach their peers about what they have learned. Students will also learn about teenage culture in Indonesia, while demonstrating their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills through a range of tasks.

How do we express our culture?

Apart from the major assessment tasks, there will be a variety of other listening, speaking, reading and writing activities, and some regular homework tasks. Major assessment tasks include the Sayembara Lisan (an Indonesian speaking competition).

~Text book – a school-produced workbook is provided for students, as well as an electronic text book. The workbook is also available electronically.
~ iPads/MacBooks/computers will be used in classes
~ A folder with loose leaf & plastic pockets is recommended.
Year 10 Indonesian will prepare students for VCE Indonesian. Students are required to take two semesters of Indonesian at Year 10 level if they wish to continue it at VCE level.
Students may also have the opportunity to travel to Lombok to visit our Indonesian sister school and participate in a home stay program.




Possible pathway could lead into -

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