Year 9 - Indonesian


Students begin the year learning about the fascinating range of traditional house designs in Indonesia. For example, why do the Minagkabau people have roofs shaped like buffalo horns? Students also learn about the daily routine of life in an Indonesian household. Students then progress into an investigation of the main reasons for studying another language and culture… food! This semester will include a cooking workshop where students can both help cook and eat authentic Indonesian dishes.

Semester Two involves learning about animals. Our overarching question is: is it inevitable that some wildlife species will become extinct in order for human development to progress? Students will investigate current issues and take some action on an environmental issue. Students will also learn how to write about a range of animals. This unit will also include an excursion to the zoo to photograph and write about the wildlife there.  Students then progress to learning about weather and will produce an animated weather forecast.



Students will be assessed through role-plays and short films and using their creative skills to make booklets and presentations



~Text book – a school-produced workbook is provided for students, as well as an electronic text book. The workbook is also available electronically.

~ iPads/MacBooks/computers will be used in classes

~ A folder with loose leaf & plastic pockets is recommended.


Possible pathway could lead into -


COURSE DESCRIPTION In Semester One, we focus on the big question – why do we travel? Students will demonstrate their understanding through a range of creative tasks. Students…