Year 7 - Indonesian


Year 7 students will study Indonesian for one semester. They will then choose either French or Indonesian and continue with that language until Language study becomes an elective in Year 10.

Students will be introduced to Indonesian language and culture, learning how to ask questions and introduce themselves. They will also learn how to count, identify family members and describe what people are like. Students will extend their vocabulary and develop their skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing.



What similarities are there between the culture of Australia and Indonesia? What can you discover about the differences that exist between English and Indonesian in gesture, register and sentence structure.


Ways students will be assessed involve role-plays and short films and using their creative skills to make booklets and presentations.




~Text book – a school-produced workbook is provided for students, as well as an electronic text book. The workbook is also available electronically.

~ iPads/MacBooks/computers will be used in classes

~ A folder with loose leaf & plastic pockets is recommended.

~Scissors & glue stick are handy pencil case items.


Is it possible to live, travel or work in Indonesia without speaking Indonesian? Yes. But it’s also possible to walk to Sydney! Just because something is possible, doesn’t make it the best option.

By not learning the language, you deny yourself the rich cultural experience of fully communicating with those from another culture.


Image: Year 7 Indonesian students learning about traditional clothes

Possible pathway could lead into -


COURSE DESCRIPTION Students will learn Indonesian through topics such as school in Indonesia and Australia, leisure time, arranging transport and bargaining for clothes and food. Students will extend…