Year 11 - Health and Human Development Unit 1-2


In Unit 1: Health & Development of Australia’s Youth, students will learn about the things that affect the health and development of people their age. They will take a look back at puberty and further understand the changes they have gone through. Students will learn things that you have yet to go through before they can consider themselves “adults”.
Students will develop an understanding that health and development interrelate intricately and that there are many influences and issues that young people need to deal with.

In Unit 2: Individual human Development and Health Issues, the focus is on the health and development of children and adults. We pay particular attention to Foetal Development and consider the needs of mother and child during pregnancy. The class will have a visit from a parent with young children so that students can see first hand what development has taken place. Students will also learn about the health and developmental needs of adults and the elderly.



Students will need the prescribed textbook (TBA early in Term 4)

Loose leaf and plastic pockets

Possible pathway could lead into -

Health & Human Development Unit 3-4

COURSE DESCRIPTION In Unit 3: Australia’s Health, students explore the health status of Australians, including variations between population groups such as Rural and Remote communities, Indigenous populations and different…