Year 12 - Health & Human Development Unit 3-4


In Unit 3: Australia’s Health, students explore the health status of Australians, including variations between population groups such as Rural and Remote communities, Indigenous populations and different Socioeconomic groups. Students investigate the National Health Priority Areas and we learn about Health Care Systems in Australia.

Unit 4: Global Health and Human Development, compares the health status of Australia to that of developing countries. Students evaluate the progress being made towards the United Nations Millenium Development Goals. They also investigate Global Health issues such as literacy, food security, water and sanitation and we evaluate programs implemented by government and non-government organisations in promoting Health, Human Development and Sustainability.



Key Concepts in Health and Human Development Units 3&4, by Andrew Beaumont, Lee-Anne Marsh and Agatha Panetta.

Macbooks will be required.

You will need looseleaf and plastic pockets.