Year 8 - Health and Physical Education


In Physical Education classes, students will be given the opportunity to develop their skills and riding techniques in a Cycle On unit and develop skills and game strategies in sports that include badminton, basketball, tennis, football and cricket. Students will also perform and demonstrate gymnastic movements and sequences on apparatus including the beam, vault and mini-tramp.

In Health classes, students will develop an awareness of the risks and responsibilities involved with the use of alcohol in our society and how to make healthy lifestyle choices regarding food, body image, exercise and relationships.


MacBooks will be used in some theory and practical classes.
An A4 exercise book.
Scissors, glue, pens and pencils are also recommended.
It is essential that students have appropriate footwear for all sports classes. Please be aware of what is acceptable and what is unacceptable footwear for PE classes.

Summer and winter PE uniform.



In PE students will be assessed through their participation over a range of activities. The major assessment tasks will be a gymnastics apparatus performance that includes beam, vault and mini trampoline and a basketball skills assessment.

In Health the assessment for semester 1 will be an investigation of the use and harms of the legal drug Alcohol as well as safe drinking practices and how to calculate standard drinks. Semester 2 involves students in Making Healthy Choices about food and body image. Students will be required to select, prepare and present a healthy meal or snack and explore the topic of body image and create a presentation to share with their peers.


Please note:

Full participation is expected in improving your skills and personal fitness

If you can’t participate because of injury or illness, bring a note or a medical certificate and we will find another job for you to do in class.


IMAGE: Year 8 students enjoying gymnastics classes.

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