Year 9 - Health and Physical Education Year 9



Year 9 HAPE consists of one health-based theory lesson and two practical lessons per week.

In semester one, students complete a term’s work on developing a ‘First Aid’ booklet and are introduced to new First Aid topics each week, learning valuable skills for life. In term 2, students learn about sexual health issues, exploring issues such as contraception options and STI’s. Practical lessons include Back-Off (Self Defence) in which a qualified instructor helps develop valuable skills over a number of weeks. A unit of Move to Music involves working individually to develop a group movement class that enhances physical fitness. Students also participate in netball and a combination of student-choice games.

In semester two, students explore the issue of illicit drug use in Australia and learn about the types of drugs that exist and the short and long term health risks associated with these. They also learn about fitness components and develop fitness programs that will get them up and active. Students get the opportunity to travel out of school and learn the game of racquetball. They complete a unit of volleyball, table tennis and get their heart rates up in some practical fitness lessons.


No text book required.
MacBooks will be used in some theory and practical classes.
An A4 exercise book.
Scissors, glue, pens and pencils are also recommended.
It is essential that students have appropriate footwear for all sports classes. Please be aware of what is acceptable and what is unacceptable footwear for PE classes.



In PE students will be assessed through their participation over a range of activities. The major assessment tasks will be a Move 2 Music iMovie performance and a racquetball skills assessment.

In Health the assessment for semester 1 will be a First Aid booklet which is a record of topics undertaken during the term. Semester 2 involves students individually investigating and researching the effects and consequences of Illegal Drug use.



“I loved it when we did our self defence lessons and Fiona our instructor taught us how to throw an attacker over our shoulders”

“ My favourite part of year 9 was dressing up and filming our aerobics DVD”

“ I never knew that drugs like ecstasy were so bad and that some people can get so messed up by them”.




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