Year 10 - General Mathematics (Semester 2)



This subject is designed to provide access to worthwhile and challenging mathematical learning in a way that takes into account the needs and aspirations of a wide range of students. It is also designed to promote students’ awareness of the importance of mathematics in everyday life in a technological society, and confidence in making effective use of mathematical ideas, techniques and processes.


The aim of this course is to develop students’ understanding of practical areas of Mathematics in the context of everyday life, in order to improve and extend problem solving skills and strategies.

Throughout the semester students will develop knowledge based around the following key foci:

  • Statistics: including collection, display and interpretation and analysis of data.


  • Business Mathematics: including revisiting percentages in the context of shopping mark ups and discounts.  Simple interest and compound interest calculations including: savings accounts, loans and investments.


  • Linear Graphs and Modelling: including sketching and interpreting line graphs that represent real life situations.

Students will use the CAS (Computer Algebra Systems) calculator as a learning tool to enhance their understanding of the above concepts.

Students will engage in the following mathematical activities within the topics mentioned above:

  • Apply knowledge and skills: Learning and practising mathematical algorithms, routines and techniques, and using them to find solutions to standard problems.
  • Model, investigate and solve problems: The application of mathematical knowledge and skills in unfamiliar situations, including situations that require investigative, modelling or problem solving approaches.
  • Use technology: The effective and appropriate use of technology to produce results, which support learning mathematics and its application in different contexts.


The General Mathematics curriculum is built around the strands of Number and Algebra and Statistics and Probability.

Main Assessment Tasks

  • Skills based tasks, for example, tests, homework sheets
  • Problem solving and Modelling activities



  • Text book – see the booklist for the correct title and edition
  • CAS calculator – TI-nspire CX CAS
  • Folder or exercise books
  • Digital device
  • Ruler


  • Year 10 General Mathematics leads directly to Units 1 & 2 General Mathematics followed by Units 3 & 4 Further Mathematics.

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