Year 7 - French


Year 7 students will study French for one semester. They will then choose either French or Indonesian and continue with that language until Language study becomes an elective in Year 10.

The year 7 French course is a fantastic, fun-filled course that introduces students to France and its beautiful language. It allows students to begin to develop the ability to speak, write and understand French. Using the textbook Touché 1, students will learn to introduce themselves and others. They also learn how to count and use numbers in French, and are introduced to some cultural facts about France. During the course of the semester, students learn through a variety of activities. They perform dialogues and role-plays with classmates, sing songs, watch films, design posters, play games, complete reading, writing and listening tasks from their Touché workbooks and have lots of fun learning through apps and websites on their devices.


The main assessment tasks are designing a cartoon strip, and writing and performing a play with classmates.


Students will need the following resources for this subject: Touché 1 coursebook, Touché 1 workbook, an exercise book and their device.

Possible pathway could lead into -


COURSE DESCRIPTION Bonjour! Bienvenue! French in Year 8 is a really fun course; continuing from year 7, finishing off Touché 1 before completing most of the units in…