Year 12 - French Unit 3-4


In Year 12 you will continue to improve your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in French. You continue to improve your knowledge of French grammar, allowing you to express yourself with growing sophistication.

In Unit 3, students discuss everyday technology such as computers, MP3 players and mobile phones. We also look at some of the countries of the French-speaking world and the regions of France, discovering their differences and similarities. The final topic explores some famous children’s literature in French.

In Unit 4, students will learn about two famous periods in French history, the French Revolution and the student riots in Paris in May 1968. Then students study the issue of African migration to France and the issues that young French people of migrant background face. This latter topic is referred to as our Detailed Study.



Unit 3:

  • conduct a role-play with the teacher
  • listen to information about a region or country and use this content to write a piece of your own
  • write a personal or imaginative piece.

Unit 4:

  • Read information about the French Revolution or May 1968 and use this content to write a piece of your own
  • Undertake an interview for 3-4 minutes with your teacher on an issue related to the texts studied in the Detailed Study
  • Write an informative, persuasive or evaluative piece on an issue related to the texts studied in the Detailed Study



You will retain your large dictionary and verb book from last year. The Élan Grammar Workbook and The Leading Edge VCE French book will also be required.


Please note:

At year 12 level students are able to enrol in VCE Extension classes with the Alliance Française de Geelong, to develop their skills further. Hosting or staying with a student from our sister school on Reunion Island provides you with opportunities to help someone your age to improve their English and gives you a chance to speak French. ‘Be prepared to work hard in this subject, but the rewards are great.’ April Jones ‘French is a subject like no other !’ ‘It is loads of fun and extremely amusing!’ ‘Studying French in VCE at Matthew Flinders was a great introduction to French language and culture. The knowledge of the teachers is great.’ Selena Baziotopoulos. ‘This year I have gained an insight and appreciation into the French-speaking world and I look forward to travelling to La Francophonie in the future.’ Clare Slater


Studying French at VCE can lead to tertiary studies at Melbourne University or Monash University. You could even complete part of your tertiary course at a French university or spend a gap year in France. Speaking French can provide many career opportunities. One past MFGSC student now works with the Australian Ambassador in Paris ! Another worked as a chief engineer in New Caledonia, helping to build a new port and another one hopes to work for Médecins Sans Frontières as a doctor.