Year 9 - French


Bonjour! Bienvenue! French in Year 9 is a fantastic, fun-packed course.

Students will study the following topics: the weather and social activities, clothes and fashion, the house, food, sport and leisure. This will enable them to further develop their listening, reading, writing and speaking skills through a range of activities including games, reading cartoon stories, listening to a variety of songs, performing sketches with peers, designing a dream house and attending a French breakfast.



Listening and reading comprehension tasks, designing a fashion mood-board, creating a children’s book, holding a conversation with the teacher, and writing a letter for a time capsule.



  • Touché 3 Course book
  • Touché 3 Workbook
  • Touché 4 Course book
  • Touché 4 Workbook
  • Exercise book
  • French-English Dictionary



“I enjoy learning new French words, and it not being completely new helps me understand a bit more. It is making more sense to me this year”


IMAGE: Students and teachers from Réunion Island: Our students have the chance to host visitors from our sister school on Réunion Island, as well as to visit the island and stay with a host family themselves.

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COURSE DESCRIPTION Bonjour! Bienvenue! Year 10 is a great year in French! We have 5 periods each week and really move forward (on avance!) and start to prepare for…