Year 11 - Foundation Maths Unit 1-2

VCE Units 1 and 2 Foundation Mathematics


Foundation Mathematics provides an opportunity for students to continue to develop their mathematical skills to support their learning in other VCE and VET subjects. It provides a mathematics subject for students completing a VCAL course.

The subject is designed to improve the mathematical skills of students aiming to gain apprenticeships in areas of trade such as hospitality, childcare, hairdressing etc. There is a strong emphasis on the use of mathematics in practical contexts encountered in everyday life in the community, at work and at study. The areas of study are ‘Space, shape and design’, ‘Patterns and number’, ‘Data’ and ‘Measurement’.

Students will engage in the following mathematical activities within the areas of study:

  • Apply knowledge and skills: Use and apply a range of mathematical concepts, skills and procedures to solve problems based on a range of everyday and real-life contexts.
  • Model, investigate and solve problems: Apply mathematical procedures to solve practical problems in both familiar and new contexts, and communicate the results.
  • Use technology: Select and use technology to solve problems in practical contexts.


Main Assessment Tasks: Tasks will include components to be completed with and without the use of technology

–     Skills based tasks (for example, tests, assignments)

  • Modelling, problem-solving and mathematical investigations
  • End of Unit Examination


  • Calculator
  • Folder or exercise books
  • Digital device
  • Ruler


  • Foundation Mathematics does not provide a pathway for students who intend to study any Unit 3 and 4 Mathematics subjects.

Possible pathway could lead into -