Year 12 - Food Studies Unit 3-4


In Unit 3, students explore food preparation, processing and food controls. Unit 4 focusses on food product development and emerging trends.

Students develop an understanding of the following and then apply these principles to the use and justification in their practical work:

  • food safety in Australia
  • the relevant national, state and local authorities and their regulations
  • HACCP system
  • Causes of food spoilage and food poisoning
  • Key foods
  • Functions of natural components of foods
  • Cooking techniques
  • Primary and secondary processing
  • Food preservation



A design brief is planned, evaluation criteria developed, and an overall production timeline. This is implemented in Unit 4. Students will be assessed on the:

  • Implementation of Design Plan with individual production plans for the four to six items. An evaluation is made of the planning, processes and product.
  • Food product development and the driving forces behind this
  • Emerging trends in product development and issues underpinning these
  • Food packaging, packaging systems and marketing

The students will be assessed on satisfactory completion of the outcomes through:

  • School Assessed Coursework,
  • School Assessed Task
  • End-of-year examination



A wide range of equipment is made available to enable students to consider suitability and select according to the desired end product.

Students are expected to demonstrate use and knowledge of equipment including new trends in materials and design.

Specific equipment is available or sourced for students to demonstrate the complex processes necessary for the School Assessed Task



There is a charge for these units; as a guide the charge in 2011 was $50.00 per semester