Year 11 - Food Studies Unit 1-2

* Students intending to undertake Units 1 and 2 Food Studies will need to have successfully completed a ‘Food Technology’ unit at year 9 and/or year 10.  Special circumstances will be considered in consultation with the pathways and Food Technology teachers.



In Unit 1, students will explore safe and hygienic food handling and storage to prevent food spoilage and food poisoning. They will also learn about food preparation practices and the selection and use of suitable tools and equipment in food preparation. Finally, they will explore foods and their properties, changes to these properties with different preparation and processing techniques and the quality and ethical considerations in food selection.

Unit 2 will investigate the most appropriate tools and equipment to produce optimum results, including the latest developments in food technology. Students research, analyse and apply the most suitable food preparation, processing, and cooking techniques to optimise the physical, sensory and chemical properties of food.

Students are expected to demonstrate use and knowledge of equipment including new trends in materials and design. Students use the Design process, and work independently and as members of a team to research and meet the requirements of Design Briefs.



Satisfactory completion of the Units is based on the student demonstrating achievement of the set of outcomes specified for the Unit. These outcomes include practical and written work.


A wide range of equipment is made available to enable students to consider suitability and select according to the desired end product.



There is a charge for these units; as a guide the charge for 2011 was $50.00 per unit


IMAGE: Creativity with fruit for a nutrition-themed Design Brief


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