Year 10 - Food Technology


Why do we cook food? How does food behave when we cook it? What is in foods which influences our choices in cooking?Identify current health issues related to food choices.

Classes form a variety of theory, practical, demonstration, experimental tasks and are assessed on written and practical tasks. During this unit, students work with design briefs to solve design problems related to food. Using a variety of resources such as the internet, class sets, food books, magazines, newspapers, TV and video/DVD, they research ingredients, preparation and cooking techniques and processes, chemical and physical properties of foods. Using basic equipment right through to state of the art technology, students will make decisions and plan for individual and group productions. It is expected that students will work safely, hygienically and make appropriate selection of equipment.



Cookery The Australian Way – text from Year 7
Folder with loose leaf paper and plastic pockets
Writing equipment
Container for take home products



There is a monetary charge for this subject.


Please note:

Students are required to follow safety and hygiene procedures

Long hair tied back
Regulation shoes done up
No nail polish
School permitted jewellery only

Possible pathway could lead into -

Food Studies Unit 1-2

* Students intending to undertake Units 1 and 2 Food Studies will need to have successfully completed a ‘Food Technology’ unit at year 9 and/or year 10.  Special circumstances…