Year 12 - Environmental Science Unit 3-4


Environmental Science provides the opportunity for students to understand the impacts that humans have on the environments around us and what can be done to minimise this impact.

In Unit 3: ECOLOGICAL ISSUES: ENERGY AND BIODIVERSITY, students will examine the concepts associated with energy and its use by humans.  They will explore the idea of energy efficiency and investigate the relationship between energy use and the enhanced greenhouse effect.

Students will then investigate the processes that threaten biodiversity and examine scientific principles that can be applied when managing biodiversity.

Unit 4:  ECOLOGICAL SUSTAINABILITY, focuses on pollution and its relationship to the health of humans and the environment.  Students will investigate one pollutant in detail, looking at the significance of technology, government initiatives, communities and individuals.  They will then examine the application of environmental science to a specific ecologically sustainable development and environmental management plan (ie the bay dredging).



Students will be required to purchase the set textbook ‘Monitoring Ecosystems – units 3 & 4’.

They will also need the following:

  • Laptop
  • Exercise/notebook
  • Pens, pencils etc.
  • Calculator

Access to resources that will keep students well informed about current environmental issues is strongly advised.


Please note:

Students will participate in many excursions to local environments to conduct fieldwork and complete SAC’s.  There will be a cost associated with some of these excursions.


IMAGE: Port Phillip Bay –  what is it worth to us?