Year 12 - English Unit 3-4

VCE English Units 3 and 4


English helps you to become a confident communicator, imaginative thinker and informed citizen.  Through the study of English, you will learn to analyse, understand, communicate and develop relationships with others and the world around you.


You must satisfactorily complete an English sequence in order to gain your VCE.


Building on previous English learning, the focus of this course is on reading, writing, speaking and listening to a range of different texts, developing your understanding of how meaning is created, as well as the different ways in which a text can be interpreted.  You will also enhance your ability to think critically and creatively as well as increasing your appreciation and enjoyment of language.


Your skills and understandings will be developed through the three main Areas of Study:


Area of Study 1: Reading and Responding

This study focuses on the reading of a range of literary texts to develop critical and supported responses.  There are two texts studied over the course of the year – these are selected from a list published annually by VCAA.  You will develop your understanding of how a selected text constructs meaning, conveys ideas and values, and is open to a range of interpretations and produce a written analysis of the text in a formal essay.


Area of Study 2: Creating and Presenting

The purpose of this study is to develop ideas and understandings of a particular theme or ‘Context’ (currently “Issues of Identity and Belonging”).  Through the study of two set texts, as well as a range of other ideas and resources, you will create written texts for a specified audience and purpose, drawing on and developing ideas and arguments suggested by these texts and resources.  You will also explain decisions made about form, purpose, language, audience and context in your writing.


Area of Study 3: Using Language to Persuade

The focus of this study is on the analysis and comparison of the use of language in texts that debate a current issue in the Australian media and the presentation of your own point of view on a selected issue in oral form.



Each Area of Study has School Assessed Coursework (SACs) and is also assessed in the end-of-year examination.