Year 11 - English Unit 1-2

Reading and creating texts

In this area of study students explore how meaning is created in a text. Students identify, discuss and analyse decisions authors have made. They also create their own piece from by using an accompanying text as the stimulus. Texts to be studied will come from a wide variety of classics

Analysing and presenting argument

Students focus on the analysis and construction of texts that attempt to influence an audience.

They explore the use of language for persuasive effect and the structure and presentation of argument using articles on current issues. They also develop an Oral Point of View to present to an audience.


Reading and comparing texts

Students explore how comparing texts can provide a deeper understanding of ideas, issues and themes. They investigate how the reader’s understanding of one text is broadened and deepened when considered in relation to another text.


Texts for 2017

“Montana 1948” – Larry Watson (Novel) -Text response

“Bombshells” – Joanna Murray-Smith (Monologues)- Creative Stimulus

“The Crucible” – Arthur Miller (play)- Comparison

“On the Waterfront” – Elia Kazan (Film)- Comparison

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